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Godin electric/MIDI guitars: I currently use 5th Avenue Jazz, LGX-SA, and Multiac Jazz. The 5th Avenue Jazz is a great archtop guitar for traditional bebop tone. The LGX-SA and Multiac Jazz are instruments with wonderfully diverse tonal possibilities. They deliver acoustic, electric, and MIDI sounds in any combination and balance. Acoustic and electric sounds are crystal clear, and MIDI pickups are also superb. Multiac Jazz was used throughout the CDs Blue Quest and Eloquent Silence.


Taylor acoustic guitars: Outstanding acoustic guitars, equally brilliant in purely acoustic situations and amplified. I currently use the Taylor 814ce (steel string) and Taylor 814ce-N (nylon string) models. I used the 814 CE on my CDs Standards Live at the Jazz Showcase and Balkan Roots. Both guitars were used on the CD Sarabande Blue.


Acoustic Image amplifiers: They offer the cleanest, most faithful sound reproduction I have ever heard. I currently use the 2-channel Series 4 Coda combo, Clarus and Clarus Sl-2 heads, and the DoubleShot speaker. In addition to producing sound of exquisite clarity, the Acoustic Image products are very compact, light, and powerful.


D'Addario strings: I have been using D'Addario strings exclusively for over 25 years. All of my leader and sideman CDs were recorded with D'Addarios. I use a custom Nickel Wound set: .012, .016, .022 plain, .030, .039, .049, also a bronze set with the same gauges for acoustic guitars. I use Pro Arte series nylon strings for classical guitars and requinto. Clarity and reliability of these strings make them a natural choice for a serious musician.

Raezer's Edge speakers: Outstandingly clean and balanced speakers with plenty of power, a perfect pairing with Acoustic Image amplifiers. I currently use the Stealth 12 ER model. The speaker sounds great with all the various setups I use: Taylor steel- and nylon-string acoustics, archtop jazz guitar, Godin electric/synth, requinto... Read about the history of Raezer's Edge speakers HERE.


Finale music notation software: The best music notation software on the market, in my opinion. I have been using Finale exclusively since the late 90s. All my scores, as well as my book Jazz Guitar Harmony - The Melodic Approach, were notated using Finale.


Other equipment

Guitars: Gibson L-5 Custom
Picks: Customized Jim Dunlop Jazztone 206

Boss and Digitech multi-effects

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