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Press kit

Zvonimir Tot's biography:

Please use the images below for publicity. CLICK on each image to open a high resolution photo. All images photographed by George Burns.

For most jazz engagements:





For organ trio:


















For Zvonimir Tot's Jazz Stringtet and other acoustic engagements:


Zvonimir Tot with requinto - for Latin/bolero engagements ONLY:


















Zvonimir Tot's Jazz Stringtet:












Cheryl Wilson Trio:

Cheryl Wilson - Zvonimir Tot Duo:
















Zvonimir Tot - Rob Kassinger Duo:

ZT with Godin solid body -
ZT with Godin archtop horizontal.jpg
ZT with Taylor - horizontal.jpg
Wilson-Tot-Kassinger 01.jpg
Zvonimir Tot's Jazz Stringtet 01.jpg
ZT with requinto - horizontal.jpg
Wilson-Tot 01.jpg
Tot-Kassinger 02.jpg
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