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Balkan Roots is an album of 15 folk songs from ex-Yugoslavia,
re-imagined through eclectic contemporary arrangements
for a 10-piece acoustic orchestra.


1. Čudna jada od Mostara grada 4:41
2. Pirav mange korkoro 4:33
3. Verka kaluđerka 4:16
4. Još ne sviće rujna zora 7:24
5. Moj dilbere 4:27
6. Ajde, Jano 4:48
7. Oj, golube, moj golube 3:51
8. Zapevala sojka ptica 4:05
9. Ederlezi 6:49
10. Oj, Jelo, Jelo, Jeleno 4:01
11. Sudbo moja 4:43

12. Si zaljubiv edno mome 4:29
13. Fatiše kolo vranjske devojke 4:32
14. Prošeta se Jovka Kumanovka 4:11
15. Ah, što ćemo ljubav kriti 6:42
Total duration: 73:40

An excerpt from the liner notes by ethnomusicologist
Marija Vitas —

“Like a composer from Serbian romanticism, Tot enriched the Balkan musical constellation with gorgeous orchestration. The intriguing sound tapestry of Balkan Roots is sometimes very cinematic, presenting great examples of chamber music in some moments. Tot’s knowledge of harmony is fascinating, but so is his attitude towards melody. One is in the service of the other, and it is not surprising that the author strives for a balance of the horizontal and the vertical, and a multitude of independent and organically connected melodies.”

The Balkan Fusion Orchestra:
Slavica Momaković Miljanović – Vocals
Lelo Nika – Accordion
Chip McNeill – Tenor Saxophone
Carmen Kassinger – Violin
Lisa Fako – Violin
Max Raimi – Viola
Paula Kosower – Cello
Rob Kassinger – Double Bass
Zvonimir Tot – Acoustic Guitar
Nikola Đokić – Drums and Ethnic Percussion


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